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Tatar beefsteak

3500 Ft 15 dkg

Fried camembert

1200 Ft with blueberry sauce and jasmine rice

Duck liver pate

2500 Ft

Meat-filled pancakes Hortobágy-style

1400 Ft
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Mushroom soup with bacon

800 Ft

Bean soup Jókai-style

1800 Ft

Hungarian goulash soup

1800 Ft

Meat soup

700 Ft with vermicelli or with liver dumplings

Oxtail soup

1800 Ft mit Fadennudeln oder mit Leberklösschen

Game soup "forester's wife"-style

1800 Ft
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Jasmine rice

500 Ft

Crushed potatoes with onion

500 Ft

Steak potatoes

500 Ft

Rice with green peas

500 Ft


500 Ft

Mashed potatoes

600 Ft

Grated and fried potatoes

900 Ft

Sweet potato puree

600 Ft

Crushed potatoes

500 Ft

French fries

500 Ft

Mixed garnisch

500 Ft

Steakhouse potatoes

600 Ft



Tomato salad

550 Ft

Apple peppers in vinegar

500 Ft

Tartar sauce

400 Ft

Cabbage salad

550 Ft

Mixed salad

600 Ft


300 Ft

Cucumber salad

550 Ft

Vitamin salad

900 Ft tomato, pepper, salad, tartar sauce and cheese


300 Ft

Fish dishes

Fish dishes

Fried carp in breadcrumbs

1800 Ft with mashed potatoes

with pluck

600 Ft mit gemischter Beilage

Grilled fillet of peel

3500 Ft with lemon-sauce and with herbs mashed potatoes

Fish soup (carp in breadcrumbs)

1900 Ft


2900 Ft with Cottage cheese pastry with sour cream and lard cracklings

Roast Welsfilet

2800 Ft with creamy dill sauce and jasmine rice

Fish soup (Catfish)

2300 Ft

Fried catfish

2800 Ft with rice and peas
Ready-to-serve dishes

Ready-to-serve dishes

Chicken in red pepper sauce

1800 Ft with dumplings

Beef stew

1900 Ft with dumplings

Pork knuckle stew

1700 Ft with crushed potatoes

Tripe stew

1900 Ft with crushed potatoes
From the pan

From the pan

Poultry dishes

Chicken breast stripes

1800 Ft with creamy cheese sauce and jasmine rice

Sesame seed chicken breast fillet

2200 Ft with flambéed prunes and mashed potatoes

Slices of Hungarian-style duck liver

4600 Ft with steak potatoes (cooked vegetables)

Chicken breast

2400 Ft with flambéed fruits and sweet potato puree

Chicken breast Kiev-style

2400 Ft with mixed garnish (fried, with spice butter and lemon, cheese)

Duck liver in batter

4600 Ft with crushed potatoes with onions

Chicken breast Alpen-style

2200 Ft with steak potatoes (cheese, cream)

Fried leg of duck

2800 Ft with crushed potatoes with onions, steamed cabbage

Beef and veal dishes(Lendenschnitte)

Steak hunter-style

4800 Ft with steak potatoes (brown sauce, porcino, duck liver)

Hungarian-style steak

4500 Ft with steakhouse potatoes (cooked vegetables)


2500 Ft with red wine with brown sauce and napkin dumplings


2800 Ft with lyon onion and with cooked and fried potatoes

Pork dishes

Pork knuckle Pékné-style

2500 Ft

Pork cutlet

2800 Ft with grated fried potatoes

Pork chops filled

2500 Ft with marrow with herbs mashed potatoes

Pork chopsgipsy-style

1600 Ft with French fries

Cordon Blue

2500 Ft with mashed potatoes

Pork cutlet Holstein-style

2800 Ft with eggs sunny side up and steakhouse potatoes

Pork chops Óvári-style

2800 Ft with mixed garnish (bacon, mushroom, cheese)

Fried pork chops

1800 Ft with mixed garnish

Erdély plate

2900 Ft with steak potatoes

Marrow in batter

1800 Ft with jasmine rice

Gólya-plate for two

5200 Ft (Chicken breast Kiev-style, gypsy-style pork chops, mushroom in batter,marrow in batter, mixed garnish)

Nest-plate for two

5200 Ft (Chicken breast Gólyahír-style, pork chops Óvári-style, cauliflower in batter,cheese in batter with mixed garnish)

King’s Platter for 2 Person

7500 Ft (Roasted pork knuckle, Chicken breast Alpen-style, Pork culet Holstein- style /with eggs sunny side up/, Sesame seed chicken breast fillet, Steak potatoes and Rice with greenpeas)

Game dishes

Game dishes


3200 Ft with blueberry sauce and sweet potato puree


3200 Ft with game sauce and with stuffing

Mushroom game stew

2200 Ft with dumplings

Vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian dishes

Cheese in batter

1800 Ft with French fries

Mushroom in batter

1600 Ft with Rice with green peas

Roasted cheese

1800 Ft with vitamin salad

Cauliflower in batter

1600 Ft with Jasmine rice

Pasta, sweets

Pasta, sweets

Cottage cheese pastry

1400 Ft with sour cream and lard cracklings


600 Ft with filled: cocoa


600 Ft with filled: cottage cheese


800 Ft

Homemade cheescake

900 Ft


600 Ft with filled: jam

Somlói dumplings

800 Ft

Prices are in HUF and include VAT. (5% / 27%)